What Is BadBodyTalk

BadBodyTalk – [bad-bod-ee-tawk] – noun

When the body becomes a target of harsh critical judgments.

Body image affects relationships with self and others as well as eating and exercise behaviors. In our culture there is far too much emphasis placed on body weight, size, and appearance. Many of us get the message that value and power come from these external attributes. Many people feel badly about themselves for not measuring up to the unreasonable standards constructed by others.

Narrow standards of beauty make natural body diversity a target for harsh, critical judgments. BadBodyTalk is the expression of those judgments in thoughts and feelings. Rejecting body features, putdowns, teasing, or judging character by looks are all examples of BadBodyTalk. The pervasiveness of bad body talk in our culture harms our emotional and physical well being and can increase body dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction can lead to unhealthy or even eating disordered behaviors.

Without BadBodyTalk it is easier to tune into and respond to the body’s true needs. Creating new messages expands health and freedom to enjoy life. This important work is key to eating disorders prevention.