Stop BadBodyTalk … Change the Message Challenge

BadBodyTalk is harmful, yet it is possible to change the messages we give to ourselves and to others. Your participation in this challenge will help protect yourself and others from the emotional and physical harm caused by BadBodyTalk.

1. Pay attention to all BodyTalk

Gently observe the thoughts, feelings and judgments that arise about your body and other bodies. Notice how often you hear or see body-focused comments and judgments.

2. Consider The Impact Of BadBodyTalk

How does it feel when the body is criticized by self, other people, or the media?

3. Take Action

Change your own Body Talk by making neutral or positive statements that respect your body and others’ bodies. Notice if new messages make a difference.

4. Practice New Messages

Place the button where it can remind you to use healthy BodyTalk. Wear the button and enjoy the conversations it inspires.

5. Share Your Experiences

Visit to tell us about your change the message challenge experience. Join our campaign to help create a more body-friendly world.