This clever spoon-fork-knife utensil is great for your lunchbox, purse, backpack, picnic basket or briefcase.

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    The Center for Mindful Eating has organized a second annual International Mindful Eating Day, January 26, 2017. The Center for Mindful Eating an organization devoted to developing our understanding of the value and importance of mindful eating. Mindful eating can create a whole new relationship with food. It is an opportunity to pay close attention to the wisdom of our bodies rather than the the judgmental, harsh and simultaneously demanding, insatiable voices in our culture and in our own minds.

    Giving time and attention to conscious eating experiences supports healthy relationships with food, body and self. Use the spork to invite awareness of your senses, thoughts and feelings as you eat.

    Machine washable and very durable, the spork also reduces the negative environmental impacts of disposable plastic tableware. Available in aqua, lime or raspberry, sporks are a great gift for you, your friends and your family.

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    Blue, Silver

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